• “The metaverse is a long-time science fiction dream made a reality.”
  • “Virtual reality is one of the significant technologies in the metaverse. It offers realistic and immersive experiences to a client.”
  • “Anyone can gain access to DeFi regardless of race, nationality, and economic status. It is available worldwide.”
  • “The three significant changes coming to the web will be made possible by decentralized protocols like blockchain. It hopes to fix some of the biggest problems and flaws of the internet age.”
  • “Like cellphones and artificial intelligence, VR is also an old invention that has evolved and advanced over several decades. The first form of VR is more than 50 years old.”
  • “The virtual world is just as valuable as the real world.”
  • “By 2028, 53.4 percent of gaming will be virtual reality. These massive statistics and figures result from experience-enhancing technologies such as VR and AR.”
  • “The big idea of a virtual reality space for socializing, playing, working, and doing business has never been closer. Although, it is still changing.”
  • “Just imagine you could ask someone in your imagination; wouldn’t that be crazy?”
  • “The environment will have an entirely new meaning in the metaverse. It will have a profound impact on working conditions and employee satisfaction.”
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An Evolution Into The Metaverse

What is the Metaverse? How will it work? Who does it involve? In this book, you will get all the information about the present and future trends of the Metaverse in simple, easy-to-read sentences. DeFi, NFTs, and Web3 are not abstract as you have been made to believe. You need the right teachers.

With the change of Facebook to Meta came much talk about the Metaverse. It was not the start of the Metaverse, not even close. But, the interest of these giants was the start of a new dawn.

The coming age is not as complex as you might have believed. You were just digging into the wrong waters. With this book, you will learn how to position yourself correctly in Africa and beyond for the coming age of the Metaverse.

Learn how to become a creator of the Metaverse future from this book!

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  • Success Ozemoya
    Rume’s book, An Evolution into the Metaverse, is a book for beginners to understand everything about the metaverse and, more importantly, how to profit from it. It gives a very deep insight into the concepts of NFT, DeFi, and Web3.
    Success Ozemoya
    Crypto Enthusiast
  • Lucky Uwakwe
    You will be taken on a journey, you will understand why the Metaverse revolution is real, and the book has simplified the basics of the metaverse, DeFi, and Web3 put together. I recommend the book for all coming into the space of metaverse and Web3.
    Lucky Uwakwe
    SaBi Groups: King of DeFi/NFT/GameFi/Sociales
  • Emmanuel Babalola
    If you are looking to start in the metaverse, this is a book to read. It breaks down everything about the metaverse.
    Emmanuel Babalola
    Director Binance Africa & CEO Bundle Africa
  • Franklin Peters
    Rume Dominic wrote not just to the tech-minded people but broke everything down in a way anybody can understand. I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about the metaverse.
    Franklin Peters
    CEO Boundless Pay

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An Evolution Into The Metaverse

In this book, you will get all the information about the present and future trends of the Metaverse in simple, easy-to-read sentences.

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